Protecting Puget Sound

This is a place that is rich in cultural and ecological heritage. It is also in need of continued care. As the non-profit partner in the Northwest Straits Initiative, we do this by removing lost and abandoned fishing gear that poses a hazard to people and marine wildlife, restoring local beaches and stabilizing bluffs, and increasing the capacity of local communities to protect marine resources.

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Our Impact

We foster collaboration and participation to restore and protect marine resources of the Northwest Straits.


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derelict fishing nets removed

Beach & Nearshore

We’re improving nearshore habitat for salmon, bull trout, and forage fish, upgrading public access, and increasing the beach’s resilience to climate change.

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Landowner Project

Approximately 27% of our region's shoreline is modified with armor. Reducing shoreline armoring is vital to restoring the health of the Northwest Strait’s ecosystem.

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Volunteers are our most valuable resource! Muddy boots, expert knowledge and boundless curiosity are intrinsic to the strong citizen science and marine stewardship that define the Northwest Straits Initiative. We love what we do, and anyone can participate.

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Gear Program

By removing lost and abandoned crab pots, fishing nets, and other gear, our Derelict Fishing Gear program has helped restore more than 820 acres of precious marine environment, saving nearly 470,000 entangled animals annually.

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Bowman Bay Needs a Little TLC!

For about 5 years, Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group has partnered with Washington State Parks and the Foundation to help restore rearing beach habitat at Bowman Bay. Thanks to our many volunteers, hundreds of trees, shrubs, and native beach grasses have been planted and now we need to maintain a good habitat for them to grow! SFEG will be hosting monthly weeding parties through the summer from 10am-1pm to help give these plants a boost. Join us at this beautiful site to help pull weeds, water plants and learn about some native beach plants.

If you can't make it to this weeding party, please check out future dates: Cornet Bay, June 21st, Bowman Bay July 11th and again at Cornet Bay July 19th.

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Real, Measurable Results

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. -Jacques Yves Cousteau