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The Northwest Straits Foundation is pleased to announce that Caroline Gibson is now our new Executive Director!  In addition to her over 25 years of experience working in the field of marine conservation, including six years as Marine Program Manager for the Northwest Straits Commission, she brings a unique understanding of the Northwest Straits Initiative, and a passion for the restoration and protection of marine resources of the Salish Sea.  

“It's a great honor to take the helm of this organization,” said Caroline. “My passion for connecting people around tough environmental issues has proven a great fit with the Northwest Straits Initiative. I'm thrilled by this opportunity to strengthen local involvement in protecting the Northwest Straits of the Salish Sea, while continuing to work with some of the finest people in the region.”

Welcome aboard, Caroline!

The Northwest Straits Foundation is the non-profit partner of the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative, a nationally recognized collaborative model for marine conservation.

Our vision is of diverse communities working together to restore a thriving marine ecosystem in the Northwest Straits of the Salish Sea. The intention behind the Northwest Straits Initiative is that small groups of people, working to protect and restore their local waters, can work together to have an ecosystem-wide impact.

To this end, the Foundation works to protect and restore the marine environment of the Northwest Straits by promoting and implementing science-based restoration and stewardship, and facilitating education projects in collaboration with seven county-based Marine Resources Committees (MRCs) and the Northwest Straits Commission. The Foundation, Commission and the Marine Resources Committees work seamlessly together to engage the citizens of northern Puget Sound to carry out significant restoration projects with regional impact and import.

The Foundation accelerates and deepens the collective impact of the work of the Marine Resources Committees through technical assistance and project management, by securing funding, through regional education and outreach programs, and through our three signature programs - the Marine Resources Support Program, the Nearshore Restoration and Stewardship Program, and the Derelict Gear Removal Program.

Read more about our accomplishments in our 2014-15 Report to the Community and 2013 Annual Report.


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